Monica Majoli Galerie Buchholz, New York
Alex Jovanovich
February 2020

No matter the medium, Monica Majoli’s portrayals of men are heavy as hell—emotionally, conceptually—while, oddly, appearing utterly weightless, even angelic. In her crepuscular and modestly sized oil paintings from the 1990s, we see her subjects fuck, suck, choke, and lick—queer and carnal creatures who enjoy one another’s bodies, be they limp with pain or taut from ecstasy. In a later series, rendered in luminous watercolor and gouache, they are clad in rubber from head to toe and placed in bucolic settings. Sometimes they are lashed to a tree, or suspended high in the air from an elaborate system of pulleys, cords, and chains. Majoli’s pictures feel like transmissions from the afterlife, offering up a heaven of dungeons, slings, and… read more here.